5 Benefits of Self-Improvement This Summer 

In 1997 on the hit sitcom Seinfeld, George Costanza raised his fist in the air and boldly proclaimed “The Summer of George“. Faced with unemployment, he was ready to reinvent himself and have the most memorable summer of his life. Fans loved this episode both because of its quirky premise and because it was a relatable feeling. Who among us hasn’t stopped at some point and boldly proclaimed that they would change their life? This is what we want to focus on today, the five upsides to working toward self-improvement this summer. From minor tweaks to revolutionary life changes, we can all stand to improve ourselves, and we should get started immediately.  
  1. You Improve Your Relationship With Your Self and With Others
Self-improvement means that you must first look inward to see how you may increase the love and respect you have for yourself. This is often the most challenging step for people who are new to the concept. Simply take a few steps back to realize that there are things one could and should do to be more accepting of one’s self.   As you continue to work on yourself, you can start to alleviate some of those burdens. You will feel lighter, happier, and certainly more approachable. This leads to a virtuous cycle in which others are drawn to you. They see that you are more satisfied with where your life is, and they want some of that for themselves. Keep working on this as much as possible because it will serve you well as you progress in life.  
  1. Self-Improvement Teaches You New Things and Helps You Acquire New Skills
Self-growth involves reaching beyond what you already know and what you are talented at. You must also be willing to pick up new skills and ideas. It takes some work and practice, but there are many upsides to continued learning  A significant component of personal development is education, learning, and knowledge. You can not only learn new skills and knowledge and education, but you also learn about yourself, about others, and the world and humanity. Through learning, you learn about different viewpoints, values, and beliefs. You learn skills that aren’t taught in school, too, like how to set goals and how to have healthy relationships.  You may see things differently than you ever did before, and you may develop new skills that can be applied toward any number of goals (personal, relationship, career, etc.). Just like a garden takes nurturing to grow, so does your mind. You need to provide it with the right materials to allow it to grow into what you want it to be.  

Why Focus on Self-Improvement in the Summer 

Summer, in particular, is the perfect time to embrace learning new skills. This is a time when so many others take time off for themselves. They take vacations and allow themselves to take their foot off the gas.  There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a break from time to time all by itself, but you might want to take advantage of the fact that everyone else seems a little off their game and not as sharp as they normally would be. The extra push that you make during the summer may be precisely what it takes to prove that you are the kind of person who is willing to go further to better yourself.  
  1. Your Health Improves
Cutting out distractions and focusing on your goals helps keep you mentally and physically sharp. You aren’t giving in to despair or thinking that you aren’t good enough to accomplish what you want to achieve. Absolutely not! Instead, you are putting one foot in front of the other and taking steps towards accomplishing what you want to accomplish.   As you hit certain milestones, you may feel some tension and stress ease out of your life. This is a natural by-product of making good choices and working towards achieving your goals. The lower you bring your stress and tension levels, the healthier your body will be. Thus, it is fair to say that there are legitimate health benefits to simply working on yourself this summer as you had already planned to do.  
  1. People See You as a Leader
Many don’t admit it, but we all look for leaders whose example we can follow to improve the conditions of our own lives. We want someone that we can focus on and someone who seems to have it all together. Those seen actively working on self-improvement are often seen as leaders because:  
  • They are doing what others won’t – Plenty of people talk about improving themselves. However, the individuals who are genuinely taking steps in that direction are the ones that are truly admired and respected. They have the determination to actually make a change. That is something that is hard not to look up to.  
  • Their techniques show results – Leaders are people who truly get things done, and the methods used by those who are working on self-improvement are a clear example of what people need to do when they are trying to make themselves better as individuals. The results that these people get are one thing, but the techniques that they use are what truly sets them apart.  
  • They are happier and thus attract more attention – So many people move through this world unhappy. They may be unhappy in their relationships, their jobs, or simply with their choices. When they see someone who has truly unlocked some happiness in their life, it is hard not to want to follow that person.  
  1. Your Self-Esteem Builds
One of the biggest things that hold people back from accomplishing what they set out to accomplish is their own minds. A lack of self-esteem is a serious stumbling block when it comes to building up one’s career. Working on yourself can provide an immediate boost to your self-esteem that you would not have otherwise had access to.   Improved self-esteem means that you won’t back away from taking chances. It means that you can find more success in your career and in your life. People will trust you more, and people will think of you more when they have a special project that they need help with. Best of all, you will think more highly of yourself as well, and that is a very big deal when it comes to living a happy life.  

Let Apprentice Now Give You Guidance to Begin Your Self-Improvement Journey 

Apprentice Now seeks to provide users with the resources that they need to get started with self-improvement. By offering our users helpful resources to start to think about how they might want to build upon themselves as people, we help them start to see a new future for themselves. If you are excited about how much you can change about yourself for the better, we hope that you will contact us for more details.  
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