Grievance Policy

The Apprentice Now grievance policy provides a prompt, equitable, and impartial process for resolving Participant and Apprentice grievances. It is available to any Participant or Apprentice who believes their program status, rights, or privileges have been adversely affected by an administrative decision or action, or the action(s) of another program Participant or Apprentice or the decision or action of a third party affiliated with the program.

Participants and Apprentices are expected to act professionally at all times during the program and to make every effort to resolve issues informally whenever possible. Issues and concerns should be communicated with the other party involved and both sides should work together to find a reasonable solution for both parties. If the parties cannot come to a reasonable solution, then a formal grievance should be submitted.

All grievances will be addressed confidentially, unless maintaining confidentiality would impede the ability to investigate and/or address the concerns raised in the grievance. Information regarding a grievance will only be shared with the parties reasonably necessary to resolve the concerns raised in the grievance. No reprisals of any kind will be taken by any party, or by any member of the Apprentice Now administration against any party involved.

Filing a Grievance

  1. Participants/Apprentices should submit all formal grievances to the Associate Vice President of Operations via the following email address:

    [email protected]

    Written grievances should include:

    • The Participant/Apprentice’s name and program;

    • The date that the Participant/Apprentice experienced the adverse actions or decision that led to their grievance;

    • The Participant/Apprentice’s specific concerns or allegations;

    • The name(s) of any other Participants, Apprentices, and/or third parties involved in the grievance;

    • The outcome of any attempts to resolve the issue prior to filing a formal grievance;

    • The outcome/resolution that the Participant/Apprentice is seeking.

  2. Apprentice Now will investigate any grievances filed. Within five (5) calendar days of receipt of the student’s written statement, the Associate Vice President of Operations will:

    • Meet with the Participant/Apprentice to discuss the grievance, and

    • Investigate the grievance fully, including, if necessary, holding a hearing to give all parties
      an opportunity to present evidence and provide statements relevant to the matter.

  3. The Associate Vice President of Operations will provide a written decision within three (3) calendar days of concluding their investigation. A written copy of the decision will be provided via email to all parties involved.

    Apprentice Now will attempt to resolve all issue(s) raised in the grievance and take appropriate corrective and remedial actions based on the findings of the investigation. Resolutions may include a mediated conversation between all parties, additional training, removal from the program, or any other actions deemed necessary by Apprentice Now to resolve the grievance. The student’s original written complaint and Apprentice Now’s decision will be retained.

  4. If the Participant/Apprentice feels as though the grievance has still not been resolved after following the process above, the Participant/Apprentice may submit an appeal to the following:

    Apprentice Now
    Attn: President
    1701 Directors Blvd, Ste 800 Austin,
    TX 78744
    [email protected]

All appeals must include any correspondence, reports, and findings from the Associate Vice President of Operations

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