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  • Role: HVAC Installer Training: 3 Week Program Starting: 4/15/2024   No College Education/Experience Required! We are a leading training and apprenticeship institution and

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Technology jobs range in salary, but most end up making good money after just a few years in the industry. It is also one of the fastest growing job fields, which means the salary range should stay steady for at least the next 10 or 20 years.

Select the opportunity that you find most appealing, and we’ll get you started. There are a wide range of options, depending on the field selected. Let’s take software development as an example. You can see our current software development options are listed above. Many software development opportunities have a pre-apprenticeship training course that you’ll need to complete. The course(s) you take will be dependent on the exact software development company that you select. Once you are ready, you’ll start your apprenticeship with your selected company and prepare for your new career.

There are a massive amount of technology job openings right now due to a shortage of skilled workers. Currently, there are over 800,000 entry-level information technology jobs, with more being added every year1. According to US labor statistics, the shortage of software engineers in the US will exceed 1.2 million by 20261.
These trends also point towards a broader rise in jobs in technology. New technology job titles will appear every year, and you can be a part of this new wave. Since 2000, jobs in technology have been steadily rising, and they will continue to rise for decades to come. 

Technology career paths are essential in today’s interconnected world. Not only are jobs in technology constantly growing, salaries for technology job openings keep rising.

There are so many fantastic jobs right now in technology. For example, it is widely accepted that software developer is one of the best jobs on the market. Not only is the skillset valuable  and the work interesting, but the sector is also growing more and more every year.
Software developers are needed by almost every major company in today’s world, regardless of the company’s focus.

And although many jobs will soon be taken over by AI, software developers will be required to make sure that AI can smoothly integrate into a business. Other computer technology jobs that fall under the software development pipeline include web developer, application developer, software development engineer, and software architect. The list continues, and it’s full of high paying information technology jobs.


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