How Tracking Your Devices Can Make Your Life Easier

Modern technology has introduced more than just web browsing and cool cars. It has also introduced many ways to improve your everyday life. Smart homes, home devices, more efficient appliances, and even GPS have allowed us to live easier and do more using less time every day. Often, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to technological upgrades. Something as simple as tracking your devices can make your life easier every day.

Today, we’re diving into how device tracking can improve your life in big and little ways.

GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, and Tile Tracking

First, there are three types of device tracking and two ways to do it. The three methods are GPS, Bluetooth, and RFID. GPS uses satellite data to  track your location on a map. It can tell if your devices are at home, at work, halfway across the city, or around the world. Bluetooth is for short-range tracking and is extremely precise for finding the location of something, say, inside your house. RFID emits a little signal and can be tracked if there are RFID readers nearby.

The two applications are internal, like phones and laptops with their built-in GPS or Bluetooth, and tile trackers, which you can attach to non-device objects like your keys or wallet.

Find What You’ve Lost

One of the great uses for device tracking is preventing the loss of any device. Whether you tend to misplace things, struggle with the home/office split, or need to find an item very quickly, tracking makes it easy.

Find Your Phone, No Matter Where You Left It

As humans of the 2020s, we need our phones at all times. Our phones are ID, communication, entertainment, news – everything all at once. You can’t leave home or even log into your bank account without it. So if your phone has gone missing – whether it fell into the couch, was left in the car, or was borrowed by your toddler, your phone will soon be found.

You can do this by calling your phone, tracking its GPS, or using the built-in Find My Phone feature.

Never Lose Your Keys Again

A tile tracker on your keys is also extremely useful when finding your keys around the house, as well. Keys are often left somewhere careless when you arrive and can be misplaced if used to visit the car or lock up the house outside of your normal routine. Tile trackers tend to be Bluetooth or RFID, which can help you find them in a very specific spot inside your house, car, or office.

Find Your Smart Watch Around the House

Smart watches also come with trackers, which is handy for several reasons. Not least of which because we tend to take off our watch around the house and then forget where it was left. But smart watch GPS can also track your workouts, which we’ll talk about later.

Retrieve What Has Wandered Off

Device tracking can help you find items outside the house, too. If you need to find a laptop, phone, tablet, or anything with an attached tracker, you can. Usually with the help of a handy mobile app.

Retrieve Items That Are Accidentally Left Behind

Leave your laptop at work? Leave your phone in the Uber? Accidentally leave your purse at the department store? Where there’s a tracker, there’s a way to find your lost items no matter how far out they are from home. GPS tracking is best for long-distance finding, anything beyond the bounds of one building or floor. Many devices allow you to turn on GPS remotely using multi-factor authentication for just this purpose.

Find Lost and Run-Away Pets

Pet owners today will often put a GPS or Bluetooth tile tracker on their pets (depending on how far they are likely to wander) to help with little escape artists. Dogs who run off and cats who slip out can be more quickly located and safely brought home with a tracker in their collar or as a collar tag.

Catch Device Thieves by Tracking Their Location

You can catch thieves using device tracking. If your phone, tablet, or laptop is stolen while you are out of the house, a tracking feature can help you find the exact or near location of the thief. Even if you don’t have GPS, sometimes even a WIFI IP address can help you narrow down the location of stolen devices.

Keep Track of Things When They Are In Use

You can keep track of items while they are in use, as well. In this way, device tracking allows you to go through your daily routine with less concern about accidentally misplacing items or lending them to others.

Keep Track of Your Wallet When Away From Home

Some people will slip a tile tracker into their wallet to make sure that it doesn’t get misplaced at home or outside the home. Especially if you have some clothes with wallet-ejecting pockets or any situation where you are separated from your bag.

Lend Your Phone or Tablet Without Worries

Many people have more than one device and don’t mind lending theirs to a friend, coworker, or family member at the moment. But a tracker makes this lending much safer because you can always track down the lent item’s location, whether it’s left between the couch cushions, in the conference room, or your coworker accidentally takes it home with them.

Enhance Your Adventures

Device tracking also makes it easier to go on adventures without concerns. Tracking doesn’t just track items when they are away from you. You can track yourself and your loved ones with device tracking, too.

Track Your Path Around Town

Want to map your routine? Pair your GPS device tracking with the right app and you can build a map and schedule of everywhere you’ve been. You can track your daily routines, and changes in routine, and count the miles you cover.

Track Your Distance When Exercising Outdoors

The GPS feature on your smart watch or phone makes it possible to track your workouts. When you go for a walk, run, jog, or bike, you can track your route. Track how long you work out, how far you go, and the path you take every time you leave the house for a workout.

Track Your Family & Split Up Safely on Vacation

Lastly, you can also use device tracking to keep track of the people you love. This is especially useful in large shopping malls and on vacation when the group wants to split up. This way, you can more easily meet back up and can know if your party is generally staying in the same area without calling and comparing mysterious landmarks.

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