Start Your Career in Application Support, Tuition is Covered. For committed candidates, there is no cost. For candidates who voluntarily leave training early, decline to interview, or turn down the job offer, they may be held accountable for cost of training

An intensive online course to prepare you for a successful career as an application support specialist.

Be Job Ready

Through our application support program, you’ll learn the importance of in-house software and how it functions in a company.


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Start as a software developer soon.

Life as an application support specialist:

You will have the coding and support skills necessary to troubleshoot issues and debug and work alongside other engineers to remedy any software defects.

How the Program Works

Our application support program is split into 10 courses, which can be completed in 12 weeks or less. This means you’ll be prepared to work within 3 months, making ours one of the fastest programs on the market.

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Student Stories
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Through our program, you can get your certificate in just 8 weeks. After interviewing with your sponsoring employer, you could be on the job gaining experience in as little as 30 days.
Finding the right education is key. Computer science is traditionally a complex topic, but as long as you have the right teacher, it can be simplified. Apprentice Now is dedicated to making its opportunities open to everyone, regardless of their skill level. If you’re wanting to start from scratch, we’re here to help.
The responsibilities of an associate depend on the role that they serve in the industry. Duties may include Logging and Monitoring, Preventative Health Checks, Incident Management, Deployment, Application Patching, Batch Job Monitoring, Application Troubleshooting, and Reporting.
Java 12, SQL / NoSQL, Unix / Bash Scripting, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Weblogic, and Azure Machine Learningare all utilized in this industry.
Yes! Your training will be sponsored by the employer who intends to hire you after successful completion! Since our seats are limited and we want to ensure they are used for committed and serious candidates only, so some conditions apply. This is the Tuition-Free opportunity you’ve been waiting for!
The program offers the following courses:
Computer Fundamentals
Programming Fundamentals
Database Management System
ITIL Overview
Unix Shell Scripting
Oracle DB and PL SQL
Application Operations Support
Tomcat Administration and Java Application
Alert Monitoring
Job Monitoring
Application Health Check
Soft Skills
Azure Machine Learning workspaces
Run experiments and train models
Optimize and manage models
Deploy and consume models
Middleware, logs / alerts, (Networks, firewalls, ACL, load balancers), DevOps tools, CI/CD, Automation scripting, Database Querying, Knowledge of connected systems and dependencies, Incident Management tools, ITSM processes & tools, Batch and Chron jobs, and SCRUM / Agile
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