Start Your Career in End-User Computing, Tuition is Covered. For committed candidates, there is no cost. For candidates who voluntarily leave training early, decline to interview, or turn down the job offer, they may be held accountable for cost of training

An intensive online course to prepare you for a successful career as an end-user computing technician.

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Through our end-user computing program, you’ll become an expert in supporting mission-critical technologies and operating systems while building job skills.


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Life as an end-user computing technician:

This role serves to support customers or coworkers by being efficient and knowledgeable in some of today’s most heavily relied on systems and platforms. EUC is a widely adopted skillset. As businesses continue to rely more and more on technology, they will rely on EUC technicians to ensure that technology works as intended.

How the Program Works

Our end-user computing program is split into 10 courses, which can be completed in 12 weeks or less. This means you’ll be certified to work within several months, making ours one of the fastest programs on the market.

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Student Stories
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End-User Computing technicians provide solutions to internal and external customers’ needs with computer workstation and mobile device expertise, including hardware and software installation, service, incident troubleshooting, and support.
What are some EUC technologies? Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, GoToAssist, Hardware & Peripheral, NFC, BIOS, Remote Desktop Protocols, Scripting / CLI, Office 365, and ServiceNOW are common technologies utilized.

EUC technicians benefit from being involved in both highly technical tasks, but also serve to support and communicate with customers or less technical people. Being able to clearly explain technical concepts is a key skill of EUC technicians, and a valued skill in any technical profession.You’ll have the technical foundation, and the communication skills needed to continue to grow your career.

Through our program, you can get your certificate in as little as 8 weeks. After interviewing with your sponsoring employer, you could be on the job gaining experience in as little as 30 days.

The EUC training program follows industry best practices for IT service management. The Information Technology Infrastucture Library, or ITIL provides commonly adopted practices in IT Service Management. Because our training programs are desgined with and approved by our hiring partners, you can rest assured that the skills covered here are highly valued.

Starting your career in EUC is a great entry point into your technology career. You will gain experiene in a wide variety of technologies and work with various business units. We work directly with employers, so you can be hired as soon as you complete your training and secure a job in the industry.

Operating systems, Mobile Devices, Networking, VLAN, Wireless, Firewalls, SCCM and Scripting Active Directory, Networking Diagnostic Commands, Incident Management Tools, ITSM processes and tools, Analytical Abilities, Antivirus, and VPN are all skills and skill categories that are covered during this program.
This is a well-rounded role, and there’s often a long list of duties that technicians are responsible for. Some key responsibilities include incident management, antivirus client support, and application deployment. Incident management involves responding to the requests of clients, especially if some part of their system has gone off the rails. You’ll also handle antivirus support for your clients, which means protecting them against malware and harmful programs that may be targeting them. Application deployment is the process of helping clients get select applications and data online for their business. You’ll be there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Regardless of their industry, companies need IT support and help handling their computing environment. You’ll find the methodologies, tools, and applications taught in this program will be useful to most businesses. End-user computing roles are expanding every day and will continue to expand as society grows more reliant on technology.

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