How Long Does It Take to Complete an Apprenticeship? 

Recruiting employees with the necessary skills and job experience is arduous for companies. Candidates with the right set of skills and expertise contribute to business growth. Apprenticeship programs offer employees the opportunity to climb their career ladder in-house. These schemes, indeed, help impart a specific set of skills to an individual to launch them into successful career life. It helps you build up theoretical knowledge and practical work experience when you complete an apprenticeship. Also, the program involves mentorship and interactive learning, which gives an unbiased evaluation of the individual career progress.   An apprenticeship program benefits both the apprentice and the company. It is one of the best approaches to staff recruitment. This is so because the apprentice understands the company and its operations.    Based on studies 75% of companies have a shortage of technology professionals. A college degree is not enough to guarantee a tech career. A degree in ICT is not wrong. In fact, an apprenticeship program can launch your career. An apprenticeship gives fieldwork experience, which is very attractive to potential employers.    Many people don’t know how long an apprenticeship takes. Thus, this post will give you in-depth knowledge of it. Here, you’ll understand the basic things you need to know about the program. These include, what it is, the duration, its benefits, and what it involves.    What’s an Apprenticeship?    Apprenticeship is an in-service training program where you get paid while amassing work experience. During apprenticeship programs, theoretical knowledge enhances practical expertise. Apprenticeship offers apprentices mentorship, field training, and technical support. The apprentice earns money by exchanging service and time for training and experience.    What Duration Does It Take to Complete an Apprenticeship?    Apprenticeship combines teaching theoretical concepts with practical experience. Work experience and sound theoretical knowledge are basic job requirements.     Many sectors of the economy are in-demand for tech jobs, and several apprenticeship vacancies exist in different parts of the United States. In-demand technical jobs include software developer, information security analyst, system analyst, web developer, and more.    A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows a 70% increase in internships in the U.S. from 2011. Further, apprenticeship length varies depending on the employer and the industry. Formal training spans four years. Some sponsors offer it for a short period of 12 months.     Others may last up to 6 years to complete the apprenticeship. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulates the registration of apprenticeships. Upon registration, the Labor Department issues a certificate on completion. In fact, such a certificate has national recognition.  Apprentice Now is a train-to-hire apprenticeship service providing job applicants with in-demand training and opportunities. Many of these opportunities lead to careers in various job fields, including technology. Thus, we cater to individuals looking for training and companies looking for a customized, trained staff.    Apprentice Now offers software development, cyber security, software testing, application support, infrastructure support, end-user computing, and network administration.    Why Is It Crucial to Complete an Apprenticeship?    As an entry-level employee, the path to career progression is confusing. Choosing the right approach is crucial as it will ease early career achievement. Such a decision is necessary before and after acquiring a degree. Apprenticeship can give your career a leap because of how essential it is. Here are the reasons why the program is crucial.   
  1. Learning While Working
There is a massive disparity between the knowledge you can gain in the classroom and during the apprenticeship. Apprenticeship provides a natural, firsthand experience and expertise in a specific industry. It will help you develop problem-solving skills while making you outstanding among your competitors. Experience is more important than qualification after and during recruitment.   
  1. Earning Income
When you complete an apprenticeship, you make huge earnings while building capacity. The apprentice’s income varies depending on the sponsor, age, and qualification. So, while honing your skill, you can still earn a decent earning.   
  1. Simplest Path to a Dream Career
Many companies prefer to keep their apprentices after the program. Having acquired the needed skill and work culture, the apprentice is a good fit for the company. For this reason, apprenticeship is one of the shortest routes to a successful dream career.   
  1. Real Qualifications
Even with a degree and diploma, employers need basic skills. An apprenticeship program gives you the luxury of gathering abilities required by employers. These skills are, indeed, obtainable with or without a college degree. Citing these skills in your CV will also give your career the needed push.   
  1. Networking
We are as good as the network we build. Apprenticeship programs present an excellent avenue to meet and interact with people. Then, you create rapport with many players within your industry. During training, workshops, and business apprentices build valuable relationships for the future.    What Does an Apprenticeship Involve?  An apprentice must spend at least 30 hours each week to complete an apprenticeship. It involves a training period of about 12 to 24 months. Apprentices get the necessary training on technical job skills and related job skills. They must commit to at least 20% training on off-the-job skills.   Apprentice must meet all program requirements. The program has structured training with reviews at intervals to help an apprentice build knowledge and develops skills. Then, an assessment of apprentices takes place at regular intervals. The external assessor will assess an apprentice at the end of the program.     Practical projects are assignments to enhance the skill. Such a project must have a direct relationship with a specific work skill. In the end, the apprentice presents seminars for grading.    How to Apply for an Apprenticeship  To participate in the apprenticeship program, you must file an application form online. However, different companies may use alternative methods for application.    Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria specified by the sponsor. Thus, your CV should be up to date. Convince the sponsor and let them know if you have the foundational skills relevant to the specific industry you’re venturing into. Your application should show how fit you are for the role.  Apprenticeship in tech and related industries requires knowledge of programming and system engineering. Attach evidence of competence in technical skills to the application.    Some companies may administer quantitative reasoning and psychometric tests, which form part of the recruitment process. Then, recruitment interviews are held at assessment centers or online.    Complete an Apprenticeship With Apprentice Now  Tech apprenticeship helps you learn career-specific skills necessary for launch. It will help sharpen your skills and help easy job placement. You can also learn the skills to work through a tech apprenticeship, involving pre-training and opportunity placement to kickstart your career in tech.    Are you ready to launch or leverage on an apprenticeship? Apprentice Now will help you connect with employers. Indeed, with many different opportunities to match with, you can start your journey to a career in tech today! Contact us today and let us know your present situation.     
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