Fall into a New Tech Career: Opportunities at Apprentice Now

Fall into a New Tech Career: Opportunities at Apprentice Now   As fall approaches, many people see the changing of the season as a new beginning. As the air chills and the leaves change color, you might be thinking is is time to make a change in your life, too! If you are considering switching to a career in tech or pursuing a career in tech, this fall could be the perfect time to start.   Read along to learn about Apprentice Now and why a tech apprenticeship might benefit you this fall. After, we’ll explain the different opportunities available with Apprentice Now.   What is Apprentice Now?   Apprentice Now works with employers seeking new tech talent and skilled workers looking for the opportunity to enter the tech industry by helping talented candidates gain the skills they need to be successful through an employer-tailored apprenticeship. Apprentice Now was founded with the goal of making apprenticeship programs more accessible to businesses in need of a new workforce and believes apprenticeships are the best way to hire and retain new talent. Here are a few benefits of tech apprenticeships:  
  1. Hands-on experience – With an apprenticeship, you train on skills using hands-on experience in the field you plan to enter. While you will also train on the knowledge needed for the career, training on the technical skills in a real-life work environment gives you invaluable experience.
  2. Learn while you earn – In addition to gaining hands-on experience, with an apprenticeship you will earn money while acquiring that experience. One of the biggest benefits of an apprenticeship is that you earn while you learn, making it an excellent option for those who want to get an education while earning an income.
  3. Pathway to a career – Apprenticeships serve as a pathway to the career you intend to pursue, usually with the company you serve an apprenticeship with! By getting to know the company through an apprenticeship, you have a better chance of maintaining a career with them, which eliminates the stress of job-hunting and allows you to create a pathway to success within your chosen career.
  4. Gain an education with little to no debt – Many apprenticeships are employer-sponsored, meaning your education is paid for as long as you accept the apprenticeship or employment offer after the apprenticeship is over. This is a great way to enroll in a training program with no out-of-pocket cost.
  5. Kickstart your career – Many students who attend community,  4-year college, or even boot camp training programs, will have to wait longer to enter the workforce. With an apprenticeship program, you will kickstart your career and move that much closer to promotions and advancements within your profession.
  Apprentice Now Opportunities  
  1. Software Development – As a software developer, your role in the workforce can range from being a software engineer to a web developer. Software developers design, develop, and maintain software. You may be doing computer programming, designing application software, or evaluating emerging technologies. Most fields need software developers, so you may end up in an industry totally different from where you started. You can have the skillset, and the leverage, to choose your own path.
  2. Cyber Security84% of businesses say that cyber security is a top priority in 2022. The primary role of cyber security specialists is to keep their company’s information safe. This responsibility ranges from analyzing a company and making security recommendations to responding to new security threats. As a cyber security specialist, you will essentially be a company’s first line of defense against cyber attacks.
  3. End-User Computing – End-user computing (EUC) refers to technologies and practices that allow users to access and interact with enterprise applications from virtually any device, both inside and outside an organization’s network. EUC increases a company’s flexibility regarding when and where employees can access information. As as end-user computing technician, it will be your responsibility to make sure the technology functions correctly.
  4. Software Testing – Software testing is exactly as it sounds – it is the process by which software, applications, and products are tested and run as they should. A software tester is responsible for locating problems like bugs to improve performance and lower the cost of development.
  5. Infrastructure Support -Infrastructure support specialists work with  both software and hardware systems to make sure organizations are built upon a secure and scalable infrastructure. They typically work with the internal team as well as external customers to provide day-to-day support.
  6. Application Support – Application support specialists install and maintain applications as well as make adjustments to existing out-of-the-box applications to customize them for the specific needs of organizations or individuals.
  7. Network Administration –  Network administrators are responsible for supervising and monitoring the networking and communication systems of organizations. By monitoring and troubleshooting network availability, network administrators help to ensure the company stays operational at all times.
  Apprentice Now   Apprenticeship is built on a relationships-driven model that involves daily work where beginners gain practical knowledge from experts to help them grow skills and become independent. Apprentice Now has a straightforward process to help you get your dream job:
  1. Learn More. Find out more about our apprenticeship program or reach out to a representative.
  2. Sign Up. Select the opportunity you find most appealing, and we’ll get you started.
  3. Connect. Our representatives will walk you through the enrollment process and place you where you need to be.
  4. Start Your Future. Complete your training in the comfort of your own home, then start your career with the sponsoring company.
Your dream job can be achievable with Apprentice Now. When you’re ready to begin the journey and new career, Apprentice Now is here to help connect you with an employer. With many different opportunities to match with, you can start your journey to a career in tech today!  
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