Improve Your Online Networking Skills to Discover Career Opportunities

Improve Your Online Networking Skills to Discover Career Opportunities

  Whether you’re seeking the necessary training  for your first professional position or are poised at a crossroads, preparing for a career change, learning or improving your online networking skills is essential. It’s a fact that career success isn’t only determined by what you know. You must learn to effectively engage with industry professionals who can help you get ahead by linking you with programs and open positions that may further your career goals. These tips will get you started on the path to 21st century career success by helping you improve your online networking skills. Virtual interaction can be the key to landing an apprenticeship or achieving career advancement.

Online Networking Skills Serve a Time-Honored Purpose 

Networking has always provided a way to learn of new, unpublicized professional career opportunities and fresh developments in your field of business. Networking is a tool you can use to  meet and greet people who can provide the next link in the chain which leads to your professional fulfillment. Studies support the fact that networking is important for career success. But how is networking  best accomplished? Networking used to mean traveling to attend events and cold-calling people in person. Handshakes and business cards served as keys to forming professional relationships. Thankfully, today, you can form effective business relationships from your home or workplace. Your computer’s keyboard serves as the link to new acquaintances that can become long-term friends and serve as valuable allies to your success. What are some steps you can take to improve your online networking skills? The following points can help you launch or advance your career by becoming proficient in finding and strategically engaging new people in your desired career field through the right social media platforms and virtual events.

Improve Your Online Networking Skills on the Best of Today’s Online Networks

Using the right networks can connect you with niche audiences relevant to your career goals. These popular platforms can help you engage with key people in your field, if you utilize them effectively.

LinkedIn – Join the Most Well-Known Networking Site for Professionals

Build your personal brand on LinkedIn to reach an audience of people who drive business decisions. People you connect with on this platform are likely to have some influence upon hiring. Connect with them authentically and effectively to cultivate a relationship and they may connect you with and support your pursuit of opportunities within the company. To build your personal brand, begin by engaging others on this platform. Establish your digital presence by building your profile. Also, include keywords that resonate with people in your industry.
  • Add a professional profile picture. People are more likely to view your profile if a photo is included. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your field of interest. Engage others by posting content. Valuable content can get you noticed, as only a minority of LinkedIn members post anything.
  • Talk to industry influencers. Expressing your opinion on relevant topics will position you as an industry expert. Engage effectively with top professionals in your industry by leaving comments that convey your insight on their posts.
  • Continue to build out your profile, create content, leave thoughtful comments on the content of industry leaders. Soon you’ll have a network of valuable contacts who may become instrumental as you pursue career advancement.

Meetup – Find Local Contacts via This Networking Platform Centered Around Events

Use this site to connect with communities reflecting your interests whose members are located in your area. Meetup is an online service and also a link to local events. Find out online whether a group is compatible with your talents and area of focus. If so, you can speak with members of the group in person at a local meeting. Meetup provides an opportunity to engage with local industry  leaders and the chance to learn of new job openings in a specific field, firsthand.

How to Use Online Networking Skills Effectively on the Best Social Media Sites

Gain an edge when it comes to networking by becoming familiar with the opportunities presented by social media sites used by people in your field with similar interests. Craft your own personal brand by posting creatively and professionally on appropriate sites. Create useful content – it’s a valuable tool for garnering respect as a thought leader. The reach of popular social media platforms makes learning to utilize them effectively essential when seeking opportunities through online networking. In addition to branding and content creation – use social networking contact opportunities to connect with industry leaders. who may remember you positively when a position with their company becomes available. The following is an overview of currently popular social media sites  used by professionals for networking with others in their field:

Instagram – Connect Easily With Companies and Brands

Use Instagram by following the pages of brands compatible with your professional interests. Make observations, post thoughtful comments. Contact them, if you believe you have a creative suggestion regarding how they might improve their page. Adding value to a company draws attention more effectively than simply praising a product. For example, you might send a note saying that you enjoy the page, that it’s rewarding to see a company provide such pertinent information for customers who purchase their products, You could note that composing a post on a suggested currently relevant issue or news event relating to their products might help the page become even more engaging.

Facebook – Get Noticed on This Well-Established Social Media Site

Facebook’s reach presents a huge opportunity for getting your ideas noticed. The platform offers varied ways of interacting with an audience, some of which you are likely already familiar with. Attract attention in a more unique manner with Facebook’s live feature. It provides a way to present video in real-time and to receive comments. A great way to present some types of concepts, news, and thoughts. Remember to always present yourself as a professional. Remove anything from social media posts which might appear inappropriate to a potential employer.

Twitter – Make an Instant Connection With a Concisely Composed Message

Get immediate engagement with well-composed, concise posts. Get around the 280 character limit by using Twitter Threads. They allow you to connect tweets to create a narrative. Once again, always remain professional when  using your online networking skills.

Virtual Networking Events – Interact Directly With Video Conferencing

Connect with people in your field from many regions, without traveling, via video conferencing. To appear professional in such meetings remember to dress and present yourself as you would in person. Enable your computer video and audio, place your computer near natural lighting if possible, and at eye level. Also, try to have a background that’s uncluttered and attractive. Harvard Business Review notes some important points to help you successfully interact with the participants during a virtual event. Engage with others early in the meeting by introducing yourself. Get noticed by making relevant comments and posing pertinent questions. Summarize your thoughts rather than going into detail, to  keep the discussion active and inclusive.  Remain engaged, but don’t monopolize the conversation. Virtual events connect you with people who can boost your career. And virtual meetings are the norm for many companies these days. Learn to become proficient in these interactions.

Make Efficient Use of Your Online Networking Skills

Once you’ve established your network of contacts and actively engaged with them regularly, don’t hesitate to ask for a letter of recommendation or a job referral. Be respectful, confident, and proactive. Don’t make unreasonable requests, but convey the fact that you’re enthusiastic and ambitious regarding career advancement prospects. Ready to prepare yourself for a new career or an advancement?  You can learn the skills to work through an apprenticeship, involving pre-training and opportunity placement to kickstart your career in tech. When you’re ready to begin the journey and new career, Apprentice Now is here to help connect you with an employer. With many different opportunities to match with, start your journey to a career in tech today! Don’t hesitate to contact us.
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